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Market Intelligence references

  • Elaboration and presentation of Provence microelectronics value chain for Provence Promotion 
  • Contact research and meeting setup for Tronics, a specialist in MEMS semiconductors
  • Establishment of Market Intelligence methodology and processes for Nexans, a global expert in cables and cabling systems
  • "Social Engineering and its prevention" study for a service industry leader
  • Smart card industry investigation: value chain, and strategy for Swecard
  • Lecture in IAE Aix en Provence: Elective on Market Intelligence
  • Lecture in CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris University): Introduction to Market Intelligence
  • Bi-monthly confidential newsletter about economic security for local authorities as a part of the French government Market Intelligence experimentation.
  • Market Intelligence audits for InfoStratIC project (Maîtrise de l'Information Stratégique et Intelligence Collective)
  • Training in Strategy and Market Intelligence for Small and Medium Enterprises –  SERIE operation
  • Training for Avarap (executives association) on Market Intelligence applied to job search
  • "Strategic Analysis through Market Intelligence" study for a service industry leader
  • Support for the creation of Market Intelligence and Strategic Marketing processes for an industrial company

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