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Smart card references

  • Communication Strategy elaboration and implementation for LFoundry 
  • White Paper writing and edition for Inside Secure 
  • Study for the midterm strategy for an expert in tests for the secure transaction industry
  • Press Releases writing and distribution for LFoundry, SPS, Soliatis, Netheos, Elyctis, ID3
  • White Papers writing and edition for Ingenico 
  • Smart card industry expertise for financial analysts and investment firms through Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) and  DeMatteo Monness
  • Support and information supply for Morpho (formerly Sagem Orga) bi-monthly telecom newsletter SIMply News
  • Content and interviews for Business Card Associates quarterly newsletter BCA News
  • Smart card industry investigation: value chain, and strategy for Swecard
  • Market study for Tagsys (rfid solutions integrator) for a new market segment, needs analysis and marketing recommendations
  • Marketing, strategy and communication for RFI Global Services, certification laboratory for the smart card industry
  • Director for the EMEA region for Way Systems, American startup involved in mobile payment
  • Thierry Spanjaard spent more than 11 years with Gemplus, now Gemalto, world leader for smart cards and their applications, in a variety of positions

Thierry Spanjaard is the Chief Editor and Publisher of Smart Insights Weekly, a weekly newsletter about the smart card industry