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Press Relations

Intelling brings its expertise and network to the service of your press relations. We write, publish and distribute press releases and interact with media in order to promote your image and activities.


A regular newsletter is the best and most cost-efficient means to keep in touch with your customers, partners, suppliers, and more generally all your contacts. Intelling can take responsibility for your newsletter from the conception to the distribution including contents. ​


Intelling helps you publishing your brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, and all types of documents. We produce contents further to your requests, and can even propose designers and printers. 

White Papers

A White Paper is an efficient communication tool to establish your position as an expert on a given subject and promote your oranization as a thought leader. Intelling can take responsibility of the contents production of your White Papers. 


Intelling supports its customers when it comes to (re)developing their website. We can write the specifications, help finding a designer, write and publish all contents and maintain them up to date. 


A Webinar is the ultimate tool to deliver your expertise to your customers, partners and contact as well as to the media. Intelling proposes to organize all aspects of Webinars for your company.

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