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Smart Insights publishes a new White Paper “Digital ID and physical ID on a convergence path”

Intelling, a consultancy specializing in secure transactions, is publishing a new Smart Insights White Paper titled “Digital ID and physical ID on a convergence path,” in partnership with TRUSTECH (incorporating CARTES), to bring to its readers a synthesis on the ongoing convergence between two forms of identity coming from different backgrounds.

MARSEILLE, FRANCE, July 11, 2016 – Intelling is pleased to announce it publishes in partnership with TRUSTECH (incorporating CARTES), the global and largest event dedicated to trust-based technologies. The White Paper covers the needs of digital ID and physical ID and the variety of solutions developed by the industry.

Digital ID developed along with the internet needs. As such, digital ID privileged convenience over security: originally, a digital ID was barely an identity but a means to manage access rights. As online content become always more valuable, digital ID needs to increase its security levels. Enrollment phase has especially been the focus of secure transaction industry developments in order to ensure an individual can have a secure and reliable online Identity. Depending on the certainty brought by the onboarding process, users can be classified according to different Levels of Assurance.

Then, an online identity is verified thanks to a combination of authentication factors: knowledge factors (such as a password or a PIN), ownership factors (ID card, hardware token,) and inherence factors (biometrics). According to application security needs, 2-factor or even 3-factor authentication can be required to ascertain the identity of the user.

In order to simplify the architecture of security systems and bring frictionless access to services to end-users thanks to a Single Sign-On, federated ID systems have been built. OpenID and OAuth are models for federated IDS systems, while FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) is a standard setup by the industry blue chip companies.

All of this, and a lot more, is described in Smart Insights White Paper “Digital ID and physical ID on a convergence path.” The White Paper can be downloaded free of charge from our website at

Smart Insights will be present at TRUSTECH (incorporating CARTES) 2016 event, Cannes, French Riviera, November 29 – December 1st, 2016.

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More details are available at

About Intelling:

Smart Insights Reports, along with Smart Insights Weekly and Smart Insights Market Trends, are published by Intelling, a consultancy headquartered in Marseille, France. Intelling is a consultancy with two expertise majors: marketing and strategy for secure transactions, smart cards, telecoms, payment, and convergence, as well as market intelligence, for all industry fields. Intelling is the publisher of Smart Insights Reports, that address secure transactions and smart card markets, providing an extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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