Smart Insights: With 11.5 billion units, digital, and mobile ID will outnumber physical ID by 2022

June 26, 2017

Different types of Government Identity solutions are emerging all over the world; by 2022, there will be 11.5 billion government Digital ID and Mobile ID globally.


MARSEILLE, FRANCE, June 26, 2017 – Intelling is publishing a new Smart Insights Report “Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity” that analyzes the current changes and development of identity documents and solutions. New types such as Digital ID and Mobile ID are emerging, offering solutions providers, governments and citizens new opportunities. Although the potential benefits are undeniable, today these new types of identities cannot be deemed effective without Physical ID. Th


e mixture of the concepts is the perfect formula for a successful and modern identity project.


Smart Insights Report “Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity” focuses on analyzing solutions for five document types - passports, ID cards, driving licenses, healthcare cards, and others (voters cards, residency documents, vehicle registration documents...). It analyzes major trends and challenges, the Digital ID and Mobile ID architecture and available solutions. Standardization, interoperability, regulation and privacy issues, among others, are also discussed.


The Smart Insights Report: “Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity,” forecasts identity documents’ shipments and their installed base in five different types between 2017 and 2022. Moreover, product and services revenues are also computed for each type during the forecast period.


According to Smart Insights Report: “Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity,” Mobile ID will experience the CAGR of 24% during the forecast period fueled by dematerialization of driving licenses and healthcare documents in some pioneering markets.


Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Smart Insights declares: “The market growth of government identity Digital ID and Mobile ID projects is impressive. But on the same time we can clearly see that at the moment these solutions are additions to Physical ID rather then their replacement. The global market will experience a significant increase of Physical ID with chip solutions.”


Boris Loktev, Marketing Business Analyst for Smart Insights and author of the report adds: “Government Identity projects can only be released with a full cooperation of government entities and private bodies. General agreement in terms of strategy of implementation, common standardization and technology will be the key to success.”



Smart Insights Report “Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity” has been conducted combining Smart Insights long-standing experience and unique positioning in the secure transactions industry with interviews with key players in the Government Identity industry. It is an essential tool to all key stakeholders in secure transactions and especially Government Identity industries such as solution providers, hardware and software providers, system integrators, standards organizations, technology developers, etc.


The Smart Insights Report “Physical, Digital, Mobile unite for future Government Identity” is available at


In related news, Smart Insights will be present at “SDW” in London, June 26. Feel free to give us a call to arrange a meeting.


About Intelling:

Smart Insights Reports are published by Intelling, a consultancy headquartered in Marseille, France. Intelling is a consultancy with two expertise majors: marketing and strategy for secure transactions, smart cards, telecoms, payment, and convergence, as well as market intelligence, for all industry fields. Intelling is the publisher of Smart Insights Reports, that address secure transactions and smart card markets, providing an extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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