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Intelling completes its repositioning and gives a speech at Trustech

Intelling is proud to announce it has completed its repositioning as a consultancy and source of information and analysis about the secure transactions industry; taking the opportunity of Trustech, the consultancy launches its new website and Thierry Spanjaard, its principal will give a speech on P2P payments on the eve of GDPR enforcement.

MARSEILLE, FRANCE, November 27, 2017 – Intelling, a consultancy launched by Thierry Spanjaard in 2006, has now completed its repositioning. The company will keep on delivering consulting services to its customers along three axes:

  • Market Intelligence, supporting customers in need of finding more information about their competitors, their customers, their partners and their market at large,

  • Strategy, providing market research and strategic intelligence support to small and large companies in the secure transactions industry,

  • Communication, bringing contents and support for all players in the industry when it comes to publishing press releases, writing brochures, white papers or website contents, and more generally supplying them with all types of communication services.

In addition, Smart Insights is, as always, the best place to find Industry Reports that provide an in-depth analysis of the secure transactions markets and White Papers to get a synthetic view about some topics relevant for the industry. Smart Insights website is also the best place to find a comprehensive agenda of events to come and to read our blog that covers important news for the industry.

To make this new positioning clear to all players, Intelling has just been launching two new websites: and


At the same time, the company will be present at Trustech, a major event for the secure transactions industry taking place in Cannes, France, on November 28 – 30, 2017.

  • Intelling is an exhibitor in Trustech. Do come and visit us on booth Palais 01 D 75,

  • Intelling principal, Thierry Spanjaard, will give a speech on P2P payments on the eve of GDPR enforcement, as a member of EESTEL (Experts Européens en Systèmes de Transactions Electroniques – European Experts in Electronic Transaction Systems). The EESTEL workshop will take place on Tuesday November 28 at 17:30, as part of the Mobile Payments & Wallets track,

  • Thierry Spanjaard, Intelling principal has been appointed as a member of the Sesames Jury,

  • Intelling is proud to be a Trustech media partner.

About Intelling:

Since 2006, Intelling, a consultancy headquartered in Marseille, France, develops two expertise majors: marketing and strategy for secure transactions, smart cards, telecoms, payment, and convergence, as well as market intelligence, for all industry fields. Intelling is the publisher of Smart Insights Reports, that address secure transactions and smart card markets, providing an extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis.

More details are available at: and

Contact: Thierry Spanjaard, CEO, Intelling, tel: +33 609 18 28 51

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