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Established since 2006, Intelling is a consultancy focusing on the Secure Transactions industry: smart cards, telecoms, IoT, payment, identity, transport, enterprise security, software, semiconductor and convergence. We strive to deliver outstanding service to small and large technology-oriented firms combining our extensive knowledge and experience in the Secure Transactions industry with our expertise in Market Intelligence.

Our services include Market Intelligence, Strategy and Communication. We also publish our views about the Secure Transactions industry in the Smart Insights section.

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Intelling is headed by Thierry Spanjaard, an expert in the Secure Transaction Industry. 


Thierry Spanjaard has a dual educational background having studied computer science as well as business management. He graduated in an International MBA from ISG, Paris, MIM, New York and IMUA Tokyo. His first positions were as a analyst programmer in software houses.

Then he joined Gemplus (now Gemalto:, the world leader in smart cards and their applications in 1990. At that time, Gemplus was a 150 employee company. Over years, Thierry Spanjaard has been in charge of marketing and communication, then, he headed the training department at Gemplus.  Then Thierry, created the Competitive Intelligence activity, and then managed the Market Intelligence organization. Thierry left Gemplus in 2001.

Since 2001, Thierry Spanjaard had been working as an independent editor and publisher. In 2006, he created Intelling, at the crossroads of Market Intelligence and the Secure Transactions Industry.

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