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Market Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Intelling helps you understand, identify and understand better your competitive ecosystem; its players, with their strategy, objectives, strong and weak points...

Competitive Analysis

Intelling researches, gathers and analyzes qualitative and quantitative data on your competitive environment: suppliers, customers, competitors, potential new entrants.

Contact Identification

Intelling is able to identify companies and contacts at essential players in your business environment: customers and suppliers, direct and indirect competitors, distributors and integrators, ...

Support for Market Intelligence Processes

You can run your own market intelligence process. Intelling brings you the appropriate support in terms of organization, process, key people, tools, and evaluation.  

Sensitization to Market Intelligence

Market intelligence success is driven by the understanding and enthusiasm of all stakeholders. With efficient processes, limited means can deliver great results.

Market Intelligence Classes

Students are bound to be connected with huge amounts of information during their professional life. Market Intelligence classes aim at making them tackle the value of the data they own and the importance of being always on the watch for new information.

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